Cleaners Brentford

If you are looking for the best deal on professional property cleaning, then Monster Cleaning Brentford is just the company you need! We offer a wide range of general and special purpose cleaning solutions to private and business throughout Brentford. We are all about quality and affordability, and always strive for the best possible results at the best possible price, no matter how basic or complex the job. For more convenience and better value for money services offered can be modified according to individual needs and wants, or booked in combination with one another in what we call packages or bundles. A cleaning bundle is a great way to get a lot done and pay a very reasonable price, which is the name of the game really. Our domestic and commercial cleaning treatments are the practical, efficient and inexpensive way to have your home, office or establishment kept in tiptop condition by dedicated and experienced cleaners. Take advantage of our services seven days a week, including bank holidays under flexible hours. For detailed information on pricing, availability and special deals please contact our customer consultants by phone, email or online.

Professional cleaning solutions for your home, office or establishment

We maintain and provide a sufficient number of comprehensive, professional grade cleaning solutions covering anything from basic one off cleaning to fixed-schedule office treatments and more technical things like steam cleaning for carpets and rugs. Remember – services listed here can be modified to suit specific customer requirements, or booked together with any other service/option we have in store.

  • Domestic Cleaning – arguably the most versatile and inexpensive house cleaning around, our domestic service is the practical and efficient way to keep your entire home (or specific parts of it) perfectly clean and welcoming at all times. The service can include various additional options, regular domestic cleaning is also available at excellent prices.
  • Oven Cleaning – the oven is a hardworking appliance, as such it needs regular cleaning to keep it working properly and efficiently. Our specialised oven cleaning is a cost effective option, suitable for all types of ovens (including self-cleaning models) and all of their internal and external features. Performed using mild, low scour products.
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning – the most affordable and efficient way to meet your landlord’s requirements or prep the rental for its next tenants is to use our professional end of tenancy cleaning service. A fully comprehensive solutions, the clean-up can include steam cleaning for carpets and upholsteries, deep kitchen cleaning etc. The service comes with a 10% price discount for landlords and a full money back guarantee for all customers.
  • Carpet Cleaning – keep the carpets and rugs at home or in the office clean and fresh at all times with our efficient and affordable steam carpet cleaning. The service is safe and suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fibre carpets, delivering industry grade results without risk of damage or alteration. A regular service is also available – suitable option for offices and commercial establishments. Prices start at only £22!

More options, more freedom of choice!

Not interested in any of the above? Not a problem as we carry out a bunch of convenient and affordable additional treatments available as standalone or in combination with any entries on our main service list.

Looking to freshen up the place after winter or long periods of disuse/neglect? If so then our spring or deep cleaning is just the thing you need!

Want to clean up all traces of renovation, home improvement and construction? We got you covered with our fully comprehensive after builders/post renovation cleaning treatment!

Perhaps some heavy duty cleaning is needed for exterior property features? Once again – we have the solution which is our specialised patio and driveway cleaning.

Experienced cleaners, quality work

As expected we focus on quality and affordability. In order to maintain both we need the right people and equipment for the job so we have taken the time to find and train a dedicated and keen bunch of people. Our cleaners are specially skilled in the safe and efficient use of professional cleaning systems (equipment and products) and know how to yield best possible results without risk of damage to surfaces and materials.

Professional cleaning – what it can do for you

There are many benefits of using a specially organised cleaning treatment for your home or business, here are just some of the main things to consider:

  • Professional cleaning saves you time and effort from doing all those cleaning chores on your own, day in and day out.
  • Specialised cleaning is in many cases the only way to clean and sanitise properly certain surfaces, rooms, materials and finishes around the home or office.
  • Services such as these also save you money and storage space from having to keep stock of cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • Professional grade cleaning yields better results than conventional/homemade treatments and keeps things looking better and feeling fresher for longer.