With Monster Cleaning Brentford you not only save with our low prices, but our range of special deals also puts money right back in your pocket! Providing our customers with best possible value for money has always been a key aspect of the way we do business. We have been able to do this through a number of ways including our range of special offers, discounts, preferential pricing etc.

We run many special offers on a weekly or monthly basis, these are applicable to all or specific services only so keep an eye out for a special deal on a service you are after. Many of our special deals are actually permanent fixtures and available to customers all year round. We also run various seasonal specials for many services like spring and deep cleaning for instance. We also like dishing out festive deals during the Christmas and New Years’ period so why not treat your home, office or establishment to one of our professional clean-ups!

Another way to get even better value for money and save from an already low price is what we call service bundles or packages. This simply means that customers have the option to request and combine any number of services we offer and put them together in a bundle. This is not only more cost effective but also more convenient and efficient. Service packages are an excellent way to get a lot done for a very reasonable amount of money.

We also offer various levels of preferential pricing to our private and business customers depending on the scale of their requirements and the frequency and duration of their cleaning appointments (regular customers). Please speak to our consultants for more information on preferential pricing eligibility. Generally these discounts are applicable to all services in store.