Terms and Conditions

For a smooth and productive business relationship our customers and we are bound by a set of regulations which we refer to as service terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are regulatory frame on which we base our everyday business dealings. The regulations to which we adhere keep things fair and square between customers and ourselves as service provider.

We strongly advise all private and business customers to read carefully through the terms and understand them as best they can. We know that reading the small print is a hassle but a necessary one, so please take the time and effort to do it as doing so will save both parties a heap of potential headaches, confusion and frustration in the event of a dispute. Please make sure you subject to these terms before committing to use of our services.

The terms and conditions listed here are uniformly applied (i.e. are valid) for all customers (private and commercial) unless otherwise stated and/or agreed. We believe in fair and transparent way of doing business so these terms and conditions help us achieve and maintain precisely that. If any of these terms are unclear by all means let us know and we will do our best to clarify and explain.